Job Description (JD)

Penerangan CUThe competency unit title describes the competency in staff management He or she is responsible to carry out human capital management by preparing manpower requirement and development plan according to company procedures. The person in competent shall be able to identify staff management requirements, prepare manpower requirement plan, participate in job interview session, conduct training need analysis, prepare training program, perform staff performance appraisal, evaluate staff management activities and prepare staff management report The outcome of this competency is to ensure company operation is carried out according to plan by recruiting new staff and enhance existing staff competency to meet company’s need.
Tempoh Latihan300
Objektif PembelajaranThe person who is competent in this CU shall be able to manage staff by preparing planning, conducting training and evaluating staff performance appraisal. Upon completion of this competency unit, trainees will be able to:-
· Identify staff management requirements
· Prepare manpower requirement plan
· Carry out staff interview session
· Conduct training need analysis
· Prepare training program
· Perform staff performance appraisal
· Evaluate staff management activities
· Prepare staff management report