Job Description (JD)

Penerangan CUMarine electrical safety management is a very important and critical for ships operations, where lives depending on the safety systems and emergency procedures. It requires the monitoring of safety aspects and procedures of ships, which include monitoring of navigation safety controls, traffic management controls, monitoring compliances, safety & security measures and ensuring the activities adhere to legislative requirements of safety of life at sea, and protection of marine environment.

The person who is competent in this CU shall be able to analyse electrical safety requirement, plan Marine electrical safety, monitor marine electrical safety, Review marine electrical safety implementation, prepare marine electrical safety status report.

The outcome of this competency is to ensure the safety requirements, compliances and procedures, in particular the electrical systems of the ship, are managed in accordance with the organization requirements and international maritime and shipping standards.
Tempoh Latihan374
Objektif PembelajaranThe person who is competent in this CU shall be able to manage Marine electrical safety to avoid dangers when dealing
with electrical systems and equipment. Upon completion of this competency unit, trainees will be able to:
Analyse electrical safety requirement
Plan marine electrical safety
Monitor marine electrical safety
Review marine electrical safety implementation
Prepare marine electrical safety management report